Online Accountancy Software

There are several well established cloud-based accountancy software packages available, with many features that can help digitally transform your organisation.

Secure Online Accounting

The Cloudants Team can help you choose the right software for you and migrate your existing accounts to the new software whether they are paper-based, spreadsheets or in a desktop accountancy software.



Many people are rightly concerned about the security of their data in the cloud, and this is something that we also take very seriously.

The software packages we use all have good security controls and our information security team looks for the following:

  • ISO 27001 Certification: The International Standard for Information Security.
  • PCI DSS Compliance: The industry scheme for secure card payments.
  • HTTPS: an encrypted connection between your computer and the software.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: The option to require a unique and changeable code when you log in.
  • Data Encryption: To protect data when it is at-rest.
  • Secure Data Centres: To ensure that those supplying services such as data centre space are also secure.
  • GDPR Compliance: ensuring that the personal data they hold is handled properly.



There are many benefits to using online accountancy software but one of the most useful is the ability to collaborate with our team here at Cloudants, and other stakeholders or advisors remotely.

You are in complete control of what level of access you give to users, and this can be changed or revoked at any time.

But using online accountancy software to access financial data remotely, rather than sending paper files or exported spreadsheets is much more secure and means everyone is looking at the current and correct real-time data.


Reporting & Management Information

One of the biggest benefits we bring to our clients is the ability to see past the numbers and provide valuable insights in to the performance of your business.

We do this by configuring bespoke reports on your accounts data, look at key metrics.

For example, we could spot if your energy bill increases by +10% in one month, or spot your star product.



We know moving to new online accountancy software can be scary but our Cloudants team are here to support you every step of the way.

Our bookkeepers, accountants and technologists have an established on-boarding process which will make switch easy.


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