Accountants have a bad reputation.
They are seen as boring and most people only engage them to make sure they comply with complex tax laws.
Accountancy costs are seen as an over head with no benefit.

What if there was a new breed of data driven, technology focused accountants who act as Enablers at every stage of your business development?

That’s What We Do.

Your Digital Finance Partners

Assent Team
Cloudants is a team at Assent (Associate Enterprises Limited), an established Professional Services company who work with organisations of all types and sizes to manage risk and resilience.

Being part of Assent gives us a different perspective on how organisations operate and grow.

We don’t just want to be there at the end of the tax year; we want to be with you all year around, supporting your organisation like an extension of your team.


At Last, Fintech Disrupts Accountancy

In recent years fintech has enabled challengers in the banking sector to spring up, sweeping aside old legacy systems used by the incumbents and opening up new opportunities to inter-connect and stream line.

For some reason the accountancy profession has not moved so fast.

The Cloudants team are not just qualified and experienced accountants, we also have top techies who can help you digitally transform your business to get the most out of your financial data.

Our Principles

  • Clear. Plain English Advice.
  • UpSkilling. Knowledge Transfer to help your people build your finance function.
  • Data Driven. Spot risks & opportunities before they arise.
  • Always Here.  In constant contact through regular reports and our service desk.
  • Technology focused. Implementing online accounting services, payroll & expenses solutions.
  • Integrated. Connect with other platforms such as your HR system, Training and banking.
  • Smart. Crunching data to spot wastage and comparing the market for better deals on insurance, energy, utilities.
  • Nurturing.  Access funding opportunities to grow your business.
  • Community Minded. Connecting like minded people from our community of customers and associates.


Data Security

We take information security very seriously. Find out how we protect your data or read our Privacy-Notice.